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Please support MapRoulette, the fun, free and open micro-tasking platform for OpenStreetMap

mvexel receives $1.00 per week from 1 patron. Goal: $15.00
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MapRoulette has been around since 2013 and has been under active development ever since. MapRoulette has resulted in more than 1.5 million improvements to OpenStreetMap from thousands of mappers.

Your donation to MapRoulette will go 100% to keeping MapRoulette servers running. Here is the cost breakdown: we currently run on one Linode 4GB instance, but we will be moving the database to its own Linode 4GB instance soon. The total cost of running these servers is USD40 / month. Linode charges USD5 / server / month for daily backups, bringing the total monthly hosting expense to $50. If donations to MapRoulette were to exceed $50/month, I will donate the remainder to the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

Many thanks for your support and happy mapping!

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