Just a question of mapping - tools and documentation of how to link gesture to output media

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Artists have been making electronic musical instruments and interactive installations using sensors and computers for several decades now, yet there is still no book available that details the process, approaches and methods of mapping gestures captured by sensors to output media such as sound, light and visuals.

The (forthcoming) book "Just a Question of Mapping - Ins and outs of composing with realtime data" aims to give an overview of the process of mapping and common techniques that can be used in this. These methods will be described in a way that gives an artist a guideline of when to use the method and how to implement the method in the environment they work in. Examples of implementations of these methods will be provided separate from the book in a repository to which readers of the book can contribute.

More information on the book's website.

Over the course of 2020 I am working on the book and creating the examples. After 2020 the website with the examples will be further maintained.

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