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Hi! I'm Nate Graham, and I'm on a mission to make KDE Plasma the best and most widely-used computer operating system interface on planet Earth. You can read about my contributions here.

But I can't do it without you! By supporting me, here's what you're helping me to provide for the KDE community--and thus, the world:


The KDE community has selected my vision for improving our software's usability & productivity, and I spearhead this effort. With both technical and people skills, I can successfully guide KDE projects into lean, mean, bug-free productivity machines. You can follow the progress of this goal here.


As the Kubuntu Product manager, I am working to make Kubuntu the finest KDE operating system in existence. You can check out our progress here.

User-centric development

As a former Apple engineer, I care deeply about making software that empowers regular people. I understand how non-engineers use computers, and am capable of bridging the gap between developers and users. You can see my technical contributions here.


Projects thrive on energy, and I'm bringing to KDE a level of excitement and energy not seen in a long time. This attracts more contributors, and enables the project to grow faster. You can see my promotional activities here.

Community outreach & support

Every day, I engage with KDE users on Reddit to help address their concerns and act as a first-tier user support network, ensuring that issues don't become festering resentments and sources of bad press. With more time, I could do this for many more channels. You can see my current outreach and support activities here.

Making Discover the best Linux software store

A lofty goal, eh? But it's possible, and I intend to get there. From being the most hated to the most loved--we will do it, and it's already happening! I've become an active Discover developer and I'm working on this every day. You can follow our progress here.

Bug management

It's an under-appreciated job, but no software project can succeed without good bug management. I've been triaging KDE bugs across all products to make sure that developers are able to focus on what matters, and users don't think of our bug tracker as a black hole. You can see my bug management efforts here.


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