A researcher community from Latin America and the Caribbean

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We are a community or researchers and scientists from Latin America and the Caribbean

A space where knowledge is translated by its own generators to promote intelligibility. Nibö especially promotes content that contributes constructively to the resolution of the current environmental and socio-political crisis.


Our founding principles are:

Responsible communication

At nibö, information is written directly by the knowledge generators, who write about their areas of expertise and based on research results they have carried out themselves. In this way, the information presented in nibö's multimedia channels is reliable and balanced.


At nibö we believe that the generation of knowledge occurs in diverse spaces of society and not only within academy. Therefore, nibö includes knowledge generators from inside and outside the academic institutions.

Intellegibility of contents

We aim to ensure that the knowledge generated by researchers and scholars is intelligible among the various generators of knowledge and by the general public. Therefore, our editorial policy promotes the translation of knowledge into a language that is understandable by our audience.

Knowledge co-production

A fundamental part of knowledge generation is the interaction between knowledge generators and the society that surrounds them and supports their research work. Nibö seeks to create spaces for society-researcher interaction to facilitate knowledge co-production.

Open Access

The contents published in nibö are free to access and share because we believe that knowledge is a common good of humanity and because free sharing is the most efficient way to fight fake news. For this reason, we publish all content under Creative Commons licenses.

We are a small self-financed group of creators and editors. We do not show ads or track users in order to generate money. Therefore, we rely on micro donations to maintain our services and pay the bills. Please consider donating.

La versión en español se puede leer en nuestro sitio web.

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