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I am making the world better by contributing to free software.

Most of my free time is spent on Weblate ( - web based crowdsourcing platform for translating software.

Tip me if you want to support Weblate development and further hosting of free software using Weblate at

Thanks to hosted Weblate, free software can get nice tool for their translator, which will integrate into their development process, see for more information.

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ukolovnik 2 Updated 6 months ago

Ukolovnik - simple todo tracker

stardicter 11 Updated 6 months ago

Conversion tools from various formats to StarDict.

odorik 3 Updated 8 months ago

Python module to work with Odorik API

enca 162 Updated 10 months ago

Extremely Naive Charset Analyser

kolikdluzi 0 Updated 1 year ago

Source code for




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