i draw comics and i am always getting sick!

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hi!!! i make webcomics, and have since around 2003. i draw, i post old cool things i find, and i generally try to add to fun things online because that's the internet i grew up with and the internet i want to preserve. you might know me from demon-sushi.com or inhuman-comic.com.

in 2018 i was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and underwent treatment. while it was successful, i'm still taking cancer preventing medication and still subject to seeing a LOT of doctors who are ALL specialists and you know how american insurance feels about THAT. also the cancer (or chemo) really kicked my immune system around. i get sick very easily now. i needed the monocolonial antibody treatment when i got covid, for example. winter causes ear infections. that kind of thing.

i'm just trying to live my life, man. and make nice things.

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