NuneCo - Thorn Valley Reclamation Projects

Pacific Northwest co-op creating sustainable infrastructure for off-grid manufacturing.

nuneco's goal is to receive €45.00 per week.


We believe systemic change in manufacturing is necessary to avert climate disaster (and worse).

Humans are (currently) a single-planet species, and so far, plans to colonize other planets are problematic at best.

Late-stage capitalism ensures that unregulated megacorps will churn out profit-margin-ensuring mass produced mediocrity until the planet literally burns around the workers ears.

The tools to create a sustainable reality are within our collective grasp.

Help fund Assorted Tech as we try to save the world through industrial automation engineering!

1) $45/week - cost of on-site power from renewable sources for lights, tool use, and computing.
2) $2022/week - utilities, material, and other overhead costs of operating an engineering company out of pocket.
3) $6,600/week - gross payroll price tag for one engineer for one week.

Active projects:
* BattleWaggon (a ruggedized mobile manufacturing platform)
* DarkPi (a modular meshnet communications system)
* NunEDU (collaborative learning via your version control system)

Fuel our efforts and encourage our hearts
* by contributing to weekly income, here on #LiberaPay,
* by getting us a wishlist item,
* or by purchasing physical or downloadable badlands test site art,
(available now via our SendOwl shop):

Sage Flats (digital or oak-framed canvas) / Growing Green (digital with flex pricing)

Noteworthy Progress:
- In 2017, the acquisition of a plasma unit allowed us to bring a titanium-capable smelter online.
- In 2018, we purchased a 20 acre test site in the badlands near our home.
- In summer of 2019, the test site was raided and burned.
- In 2019.Q3 we began focused cleanup of the waste and debris left by the raid.
- In 2019.Q4, we are expanding into our new prototyping and manufacturing site.


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