engineering towards sustainable manufacturing

(an irregular team crafting off-grid infrastructure around the cascadia bioregion)

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We believe systemic change in manufacturing is necessary to avert climate disaster (and worse).

Humans are (currently) a single-planet species, and so far, plans to colonize other planets are problematic at best.

Automation-enabled consumption ensures that unregulated megacorps will churn out profit-margin-ensuring mass produced mediocrity until the planet literally burns around the workers ears. Yet, the tools to create a sustainable reality are within our collective grasp.

We're starting with education in metalworking at the single-vehicle level.

Any amounts above our extremely minimal operating costs will be used for upkeep & maintenance of our mobile tool library-in-progress, Boxanne the Box Van.

Help fund our efforts as we try to save the world by rethinking how we live in it.


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