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IT company for educators and small businesses that leverages Free Software principles.

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Hi, I am Jonathan Haack, and run Haack's Networking, an IT company that leverages Free Software principles and focuses primarily on students, educators, and small businesses. I teach full time at the secondary/tertiary levels and do a few things that your liberapay subscription would support.

First, I run a GNU/Linux oriented computer group, called the hacking club, where youth 14-24 compete in national competitions such as CyberPatriot and National Cyber League and learn other tutorials/curriculum from me and guest speakers. In addition to the hacking club, I also host Mastodon and Matrix instances to support like-minded community members who share a passion for Free Software and its surrounding culture.

Lastly, the production server I use for all these efforts also supports other ongoing developmental projects, like the NM Big Blue Button community instance, Pokemon gaming websites for youth, and other miscellaneous projects that spring up. The SuperMicro I use for this is co-located at Brown Rice Internet, LLC. and your liberpay helps offset those overhead costs so I can continue to serve students, educators, and other community members. Thanks for your consideration! Find me on Mastodon at gnulinux.social/@oemb1905

Thanks, oemb1905

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