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My mission is to bring poetry and art out of the logic of the market. Will you give me a hand?

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My name is Paolo Gambi– I'm a poet, writer, and multimedia artist, driven by just one mission: to spread beauty in a world that has become consumed by the market. A world where we have been taught to think only of profit. This why I am here to promote the logic of gift. I am the founder of Poetry Renaissance, whose purpose is to empower self-expression through poetry, by recognizing that every person can contribute a verse. Poetry is an art which crosses the barriers of ethnicity, gender, social background, religion, and political conviction. As an artist, I do multimedia poetry—mixing digital technologies with traditional art techniques, such as mosaics. Over the years, I have initiated hundreds of people into the practice of poetry as a tool for personal growth and civic engagement. I have written more than 30 books, and am currently cultivating new audiobook projects, as well as digital and print books. Though these creative projects take much time and energy, I would like to donate all of them for FREE, recognizing that art must be the light which guides us out of the snares of the contemporary era, which has replaced aesthetics with the logic of the market. So here I am, Paolo Gambi. An artist with the mission to bring beauty, poetry, and art to as many people as possible—as a gift. But in order to do so, I need your help—i'm asking for you take a chance, to donate and support me, as we change the world together.

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