I write Tor code, support the Tor network, and run onion services

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By supporting me, you indirectly support Tor. You are helping me fund relays and supporting servers that allow me to contribute to Tor in my free time.

Thank you for your support.

I support Tor users on IRC and on Reddit when they have questions.

I run at least 5 Tor relays, many of which are exits.

I run some onion services. Most prominently my Gitea server (v3). I'm open to running more (for example, a Mastodon instance or an onion IRC gateway to OFTC's network) if there is interest.

I implemented KIST in Tor to improve the network's performance.

I'm working on a new bandwidth scanner for the Tor network. Soon you'll be able to find it under the name "simple-bw-scanner" on my Github or on the Tor Project's gitweb.

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