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QOwnNotes 2599 Updated this week

QOwnNotes is a plain-text file notepad and todo-list manager with markdown support and Nextcloud / ownCloud integration.

qmarkdowntextedit 260 Updated 1 week ago

A C++ Qt QPlainTextEdit widget with markdown highlighting support and a lot of other extras

qownnotes-slackbuilds 2 Updated 1 week ago

SlackBuilds for QOwnNotes

qownnotesapi 88 Updated 2 months ago

Nextcloud / ownCloud API for QOwnNotes

qt-piwik-tracker 15 Updated 6 months ago

C++ Qt Tracker Library for Piwik / Matomo

loganalyzer 57 Updated 1 year ago

LogAnalyzer is a tool that helps you analyzing your log files by reducing the content with patterns you define.

nextbackup 53 Updated 1 year ago

NextBackup is the simple database backup solutions for your Nextcloud / ownCloud installation.

lmdownload 3 Updated 1 year ago

Linux Magazine PDF downloader for subscribers

hswitch 7 Updated 4 years ago

hosts file content switcher


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