Peter Boling

I maintain and author FLOSS Rubygems that are deserving of care and feeding

pboling's goal is to receive $25.00 per week.
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I contribute to FLOSS projects in hopes that the future will be better than the present. I am a mender of legacy code.

I am currently focusing on:

  1. Moving toward a v2 release of the venerable oauth2 gem that supports authentication in a plurality of Ruby apps
  2. github.com/rubocop-semver
  3. Patching to update dependencies, and bring each rubygem into compliance with rubocop-packaging so they can be included in the Debian linux distribution
  4. Migrating to Github Actions for CI, fixing builds, and updating the spec suites to drop EOL'd Rubies, and include latest Rubies
  5. Improve documentation, and investigate some of the thornier issues that have been raised in issue trackers.

Ruby continues to be my favorite language after 17 years! I hope the day will never come when I stop contributing into the Ruby ecosystem!

I recently got into homebrew casks, and now I maintain a cask of old kops versions for Homebrew.

When you contribute to me, in sponsorship of my open source work, it helps me keep the gears turning on the many projects I support. Sponsorships are motivational, and truly appreciated!

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resque-unique_by_arity 4 Updated 3 weeks ago

Magic hacks which allow integration of job multiple Resque plugins providing different types of job uniqueness

sanitize_email 161 Updated 4 weeks ago

An Email Condom for your Ruby Server

shiftable 3 Updated 1 month ago

Change ActiveRecord associations in a structured manner

rspec-stubbed_env 3 Updated 1 month ago

Unobtrusively stub ENV keys and values during testing

celluloid-io-pg-listener 6 Updated 2 months ago

LISTEN for NOTIFY events from PostgreSQL and Asynchronously Do Something with the payload

rspec-pending_for 6 Updated 2 months ago

Mark specs pending or skipped for specific Ruby engine (e.g. MRI or JRuby) / version combinations

gitmoji-regex 4 Updated 3 months ago

πŸ”₯ A regular expression matching Gitmoji (a subset of Unicode Emoji) symbols

anonymous_active_record 4 Updated 3 months ago

Faux Anonymous AR Models for testing Concerns, Observers, Decorators

each_in_batches 7 Updated 3 months ago

Makes it easy to execute really large computations on each row of really large data sets

debug_logging 9 Updated 3 months ago

Unobtrusive, configurable, drop-in debug logging useful when a call stack gets unruly

activerecord-transactionable 5 Updated 3 months ago

Properly Implement ActiveRecord Transactions

seed_migration 359 Updated 7 months ago

Seed Migration

pretty_feed 1 Updated 9 months ago

Simple pass/fail logging colorization

controller_validator 3 Updated 9 months ago

Simple Validations in the Controller

qfill 1 Updated 9 months ago

Advanced Queue Transformation

homebrew-kops-old 0 Updated 10 months ago

Kops for the lazy, deprecated, cloud engineer

flag_shih_tzu 472 Updated 1 year ago

Bit fields for ActiveRecord

bash_step 1 Updated 1 year ago

Bash Step Function Library

strict_states 1 Updated 1 year ago

State machine typos are the worst. Never again.

dry_views 6 Updated 1 year ago

Keep the views dry with content_for_with_default and friends!


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