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Hi! I'm Petit Lutin ("tiny elf" in french), and I make cute illustrations and funny comics on my blog : https://petitlutinartiste.fr/en

I publish every month a new episode of HotPandas 🌡🐼, a webcomic series where Moustache the panda makes hot puns 🍑 banner of the HotPanda number 62, april 2023 : "The job - What does your daily life look like?"

I use Krita as my main tool for digital art, with other free/libre softwares such as : GIMP, Inkscape.

I'm a beginner into making videos for illustrations timelapses, dubbing webcomics (such as an episode of Grisebouille, by Gee (in french)), or musical covers (example : "Enemy" by Imagine Dragons).

preview of a timelapse of a drawing made with Krita on Android

I'm also interested in the free culture, and that's why I'm making more and more illustrations under the CC-BY-SA licence 😊

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