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portfiend's goal is to receive $4.70 per week.
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About Me

my name is PORTFIEND or P, but i am also known elsewhere as Huck or Vyn. i am an artist, web developer, programmer, and writer. there's been an increasing pressure on me to have some sort of income due to IRL circumstances, and i could use the money to pay for some of my ventures. if you'd like to give me money, it would help me a lot!

Things I am paying for

  • Discord bots ($3/mo plus up to $15/mo for API usage)
  • My website ($5.65/mo)
  • Other domains I'm using ($3.33/mo)
  • Other subscriptions ($8.35/mo)

all of this combined is $20.33/mo, or about $4.70 a week (minus the $15/mo for api usage).

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clamor-cuisine 0 Updated 2 months ago

A Minecraft mod that adds many, many food items.

helpful-guides 0 Updated 5 months ago

a repository for hosting guides, resources, and tutorials


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