I write new software, attempt to improve existing software, and host some services myself

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I like writing free software, contributing to projects, and running various services on the internet.

Currently, some of my projects include:

  • hosting PrivateBin - a private pastebin
  • hosting Fediverse Tools - a small list of tools useful for fediverse users, including an access token generator for developing fediverse applications, and maintaining pleroma-access-token

In addition to maintaining projects mentioned above, I've written and currently maintain the following:

Some projects I've contributed to:

You can find my other projects on GitHub.

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gof 5 Updated 3 weeks ago

a command-line utility to post RSS/Atom feeds to the fediverse

go-thumbnail 3 Updated 1 month ago

Provides a method to create thumbnails from provided images.

tools.splat.soy 2 Updated 2 months ago

Potentially useful Fediverse tools

mastopinner 2 Updated 6 months ago

Save statuses to Pinboard.

CapitalPins 1 Updated 6 months ago

Rename Pinboard tags

MediaWiki-FathomAnalytics 0 Updated 1 year ago

This MediaWiki extension provides a way to configure Fathom Analytics for your MediaWiki powered wiki.


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