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Hey there! :) If you're reached this page, then you might be interesting in patroning me.

Okay, lets start. My name is Stanislav Nikitin, I'm amateur musician, (kind of) semi-professional coder, sysadmin and systems architect. I'm writing music and programs, I'm making systems work nicely and architecting the way they're interacting.

This page is for you, users of services I host or helping to administer, and also for those who is using programs I wrote. To be specifically, this page is for:

Every service requires some money and time, moreover, even time costs money. After July 2017 I have no more time to spare, because I have to work harder. Crisis, Crimea, and everything else made my life much harder, prices went up at least twice, but salary isn't. But you can help projects listed above and became a patron!

What it gives to you? Confidence that software will continue to be written, services will still run, music will still be written.

For what patrons money will be spent?

  1. Hardware (servers, backup servers, routers, if needed, additional IPs, etc).
  2. Software (I hope not, but anyway this should be mentioned. This includes IDEs for developing software if needed, compilers, debuggers, etc.).
  3. Bounties (if I want something to be coded, but have no time - bounty for task will appear).
  4. My life needs (food, water, holy internet connection, etc.). I have income for that, but sometimes critical situation might appear.

This list was composed from higher to lower priority for needs money will be spent.

To keep patrons informed, I'll post all financial things about where money will be spent (except #4, this will be something like "Life needs" in report) in closed news section here. I do not want to fool anyone or take money for nothing, I'm not that kind of a guy.

If you wanna contact me about something stated here or even hire me for one-time job (servers/VMs administration, tunung, configuration, software development, etc.) - take a look at my contacts page (sorry, it's in Russian, but contacts are understandable) for ways you can ping me.

And thank you to everyone who become my patron or want to!

Yours sincerely, Stanislav Nikitin aka pztrn.


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