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I am a software developer in Toronto, Canada working on fun, open source projects, e.g. Looking Glass, DMOJ, or win2xcur as a hobby. I also run a blog about things that interest me and host some ad-free public services such as correcthorse.pw, uwat.cc, and mirror.quantum5.ca.

All of this costs money and effort, and we all hate ads. I'd rather lose money than run ads, but if you would like to show your appreciation and support me, you can! Your support is much appreciated.

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win2xcur Stars 137 Updated 1 month ago

win2xcur is a tool that converts cursors from Windows format (*.cur, *.ani) to Xcursor format. It also contains x2wincur which does the opposite.

correcthorsebatterystaple Stars 50 Updated 10 months ago

An xkcd-style (correct horse battery staple) password generator.

qcal Stars 7 Updated 10 months ago

Quantum's interactive calendars, e.g. French Republican Calendar using historic equinox method for leap years.

uwat.cc Stars 8 Updated 1 year ago

Useful University of Waterloo websites and redirects.

winscap Stars 23 Updated 4 years ago

Windows raw sound output capture tool


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