Siddharth Gelera

Indie Developer trying to make tools accessible and nominally priced

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A developer that's working on ways to build accessible products for everyone though focusing a little more on the Indian Market. These include tools that can be categorised under productivity, development, utilities and more.

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reaper.im 0 Updated this week

Reaper Blog

commitlog 56 Updated 2 weeks ago

Generate Changelogs from Commits (CLI)

statico 0 Updated 2 weeks ago

Minimal static site generator (WIP)

wrap 1 Updated 2 weeks ago

Simple library bundler

logcons 0 Updated 4 weeks ago

Simple and customizable unicode symbols for the terminal

add-config 0 Updated 4 weeks ago

commitlog-web 2 Updated 1 month ago

Web Interface for commitlog

rlayouts 1 Updated 1 month ago

Simple Layout Components for React


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