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I am writing and drawing a graphic novel / comic book and as an autodidact visual artist I offer insight to my journey and progress

(More information available on my website: https://richardkramen.com)

Mountain Of Neglected Human Condition

MNHC is my main intellectual property which I am realising in writing and via images at the same time. It is a script plus full background information for a possible video game, a short story and some form of comic book.

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It is an intertwined story clashing together a viral pool of characters through a tale of action and philosophy, focusing on exploration and adventure. There's a lot going on but to bottom line it: human nature.

As of now it is already: the full info and script for a game, the healthy spine of a novel, a dozen character designs, keyframes, settings, intermezzo stories, setups, layouts and literal kilograms of sketches.

Here is a short teaser text, wrapping up a part of the story, something I wrote about two years ago. While a lot has changed, it still captures the essence:

“After mankind has failed to take care of themselves, ruined all living conditions and drained every resource on planet Earth, inevitable doom approaches fast. As a final desperate act for survival, the first truly unbound artificial intelligence is released to aid the exodus of the last few million humans. This supervenient experiment assists the remains of humanity to an unknown planet where although a new beginning seem to flourish, unnerving secrets unfold as a handful of heroes learn about their actual situation and environment: the only sensible option for them is to return to Earth somehow, if it still exists.”

Extending that text, I would like to add:

-The story connects different segments of time (plus the intermezzos).

-Dances at the very edge of science-fiction, crossing just a few meters into fantasy.

read more on my website...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I am writing a DEVELOPMENT BLOG You can access it for free HERE

There are better tutorials and resources from awesome, successful artists. My writing is about the human factor and making the right choices. Not everybody is fortunate to have support, privilege and luck: doing it from zero, alone from nothing with no higher education. The 'hard way'.

I am working on my own and other smaller projects. You can get a hold of my updates on my website: https://richardkramen.com

Feel free to ask anything! : )

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