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I'm a software developer from Colorado whose day job is backend Elixir programming for a growing startup. In my free time, I write useful little libraries. I do a lot of work with BitTorrent and web server stuff. Sponsorship will help me spend more time on these libraries, and you'll also be helping a gay trans girl pay rent, which is always a good thing.

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ex_bencode 0 Updated 2 weeks ago

An Elixir library for encoding and decoding BitTorrent's bencoding

int_set 6 Updated 2 weeks ago

A time- and memory-efficient data structure for positive integers.

liberator 35 Updated 2 weeks ago

An Elixir library for building applications with HTTP

queutils 1 Updated 2 weeks ago

Handy little queues and producers.

hex_licenses 2 Updated 2 months ago

A Mix task to check licenses

spdx_cli 0 Updated 3 months ago

A CLI to the SPDX License List



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