Ruben De Smet

Free software contributor, mainly Whisperfish and PETs in general

rubdos receives €20.16 per week from 9 patrons. Goal: €5.00


Free software contributor, drinking the occasional coffee and looking at a Gitlab.com Silver subscription.


I am in the process of rewriting and modernizing Whisperfish, a Signal client for SailfishOS. Money put towards me for Whisperfish will be put against coffee and a Gitlab.com Silver subscription. The latter allows me to use "epics", which is a clean and public way to document progress.

If you conisder donating to me because of Whisperfish, consider matching your donation to the Signal foundation. They definitely need it more than I do!

Rust Belgium

I am the organiser of the Rust Belgium meetup group. Hosting a group on Meetup costs quite some money; your Liberapay contribution would go in part there.

About me

I contribute to several free software projects when I see a bug. In my daily life, I work as a researcher at the VUB. My research is about building secure peer-to-peer technology, of which my pet-project is Glycos. Glycos also has a Liberapay Community.

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Whisperfish - Signal on Sailfish OS 26 Updated this week

Whisperfish - Signal client for SailfishOS. [Join the development discussion on Matrix #whisperfish:rubdos.be](https://matrix.to/#/#whisperfish:rubdos.be) or Freenode #whisperfish.

sailo-rs 0 Updated 2 months ago

qmetaobject-sfos-rs 0 Updated 2 months ago

A fork of [qmetaobject-rs](https://github.com/woboq/qmetaobject-rs) to support Qt 5.6, specifically for building on SailfishOS.

z2m-tools 0 Updated 5 months ago

CLI tools for interacting with zigbee2mqtt

pyreflink 1 Updated 6 months ago

reflink support for Python


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