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What do I do?

Renewed Tab

I created and maintain a browser extension called Renewed Tab.


I'm a core developer for Minetest. I've spent an uncountable number of hours and over £500 on Minetest, which includes merchandise and server costs for CTF. I'm happy to do this as it gives me some enjoyment, but a coffee in return would be awesome :)

Core development

As a core developer, I've reviewed 100s of PRs and contributed over 100 patches. That's a lot of new features and bug fixes. Here's some notable things I added:

  • ContentDB, as seen in "Browse Online Content" in the Content tab.
  • Formspec features:
    • Formspec theming and formspec styling (like CSS, coming in 5.1.0).
    • 9 slice backgrounds, area-based tooltips, and containers.
  • and Lua API features:
    • HP Damage reasons.
    • ItemStack meta data, per-stack descriptions, and a unified meta API.
    • on_grant / on_revoke privilege callbacks.
    • The dialog which shows you errors, so you don't need to open debug.txt!


  • Minetest Modding Book - a book to gently introduce user to the Minetest API, both for making mods and games.
  • Capture the Flag
  • Freenode Live - performed outreach to a free software user and developer audience.
  • Mods - including awards, food, and sfinv.
  • Capture the Flag - game and server.
  • NodeBoxEditor - a tool to create node boxes.

Why donate?

Donations help cover my costs, including infrastructure and outreach. Please note that a donation is a "thank you" rather than a requirement to do future work, except for any rewards offered.

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