Ryan Cao

High school student, open source developer, and privacy enthusiast.

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I do some web development in my spare time. I have a website here, and I also made Moddermore, a web app for making Minecraft mod lists that's becoming pretty popular! I'm well versed with technologies such as React, Next.js, Vue, Eleventy, etc.

In the open source world, I contribute to a wide variety of projects and organizations. Among my highest profile contributions are Catppuccin and Prism Launcher.

Keyoxide proof: $argon2id$v=19$m=512,t=256,p=1$RgDWUyDu8OXW5KMVNGVPLA$XWhilIHCHPS2CTHs+BgVh+q1/5M70D2LD/N+l2mFZo0


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