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harbour-mattermost 6 Updated 4 months ago

The SailfishOS native client for Mattermost server.

tuxracer-touch 0 Updated 2 years ago

UBPorts Tux Racer port

sailfish-irrlicht 9 Updated 3 years ago

Port of Irrlicht engine in pure Wayland for SailfishOS

sailfish-h-craft 0 Updated 3 years ago

H-Craft Championship game port for Sailfish OS

godot (fork) 12 Updated 1 year ago

Godot Engine – Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine

sailfish-quake2 (fork) 8 Updated 1 year ago

Public sub-projects from LP: Quake1/Quake2 ports for GCW Zero, Raspberry Pi and Creator CI20

love (fork) 2 Updated 3 years ago

LÖVE is an awesome 2D game framework for Lua.


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