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SavOS upgrades for Ubuntu-based systems (https://launchpad.net/savos)

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SavOS (https://launchpad.net/savos) is a modern inline upgrade for Ubuntu-based systems, bringing notably newer software to the past 5+ years of Ubuntu-based releases. Having spent approximately one full-time year of work time (certainly more than 2,000 hours) over the past 30 months (August 2019 through February 2022) publishing a significant number of software packages there is now a large body of updated software available at https://launchpad.net/~savoury1 for users of the three most recent LTS (Long Term Support) Ubuntu-based releases (with now well over 10,000 users according to the latest download statistics, see https://launchpad.net/~savoury1/+archive/ubuntu/ffmpeg4 for link).

For this effort to continue it is necessary for me to make some amount of income from the project, due it quite literally becoming my half-time (at least!) job in the past year and a half. So this is a call for funding to all those who are benefiting from the project and can afford to provide any amount of direct financial support to help it keep going. The weekly financial goal as stated here on Liberapay would be sufficient to cover my basic costs for survival as my living situation is inexpensive and my needs are minimal. Given the usefulness of the project to many it seems fair that my basic survival costs get covered by the work, in exchange for up-to-date software for all those users of several LTS Ubuntu releases.

If just 10% (1 in 10) of all users gave a mere 15c a week (less than $8 per year) towards this project that would be the goal achieved. In reality fewer than 10% will likely contribute, however those who do contribute will often give more than that mentioned small amount. If even a good percentage (such as around half) of the weekly goal amount can be achieved in the short-term then it will be at least possible for me to continue the work, though the goal amount is certainly essential for the longer-term survival of the project.


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