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Hi, I'm Georg aka Schorschii from Germany!

I've started some open source projects when working as system administrator: I've noticed some gaps in the open source world, especially when it comes to the Linux desktop. That's why I created the Linux implementation of the Companion App, LAPS4LINUX, OCO for unified Linux, macOS and Windows client management and MASTERPLAN for easy, web based workforce management. Ever tried to sign PDF files? The easiest way is with Simple Signer.

If you use the Cinnamon desktop with the Nemo file manager, you might find my Desklets or Nemo extensions interesting. Using Linux on the desktop in your company? Then maybe you want to try out the LdapPWD Desklet.

Want to read the balance of your mensa card? Have a look at MensaGuthaben for iOS devices. Planning a party? Then maybe the BUZZ1000 is interesting for you.

If one of my projects is helpful for you, I'd be happy if you sponsor my work. It takes a lot of time to create and maintain them - open source is not for free. Please help me create better user experiences, or simply say thank you for existing projects. With your support I'm able to put more time and effort into my open source work.

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Nemo-Extensions 9 Updated this week

Actions and Scripts for the Nemo File Manager

CustomerDB-iOS 2 Updated 1 week ago

Customer Database iOS App

FsClock-Android 18 Updated 2 weeks ago

Fullscreen Clock Screensaver for Android Smartphone, Tablet & TV

RemotePointer-Android 13 Updated 1 month ago

Android app to control mouse and keyboard of your computer

CustomerDB-Android 7 Updated 1 month ago

Customer Database Android App

LAPS4LINUX 21 Updated 1 month ago

Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) - Implementation for Linux/Unix/macOS with additional features

Simple-Signer 14 Updated 1 month ago

Sign and certify PDF files on Linux with optional visual stamp using a .p12 certificate

OCO-Server 15 Updated 1 month ago

Open Source Computer Orchestration Server - Client/Endpoint & Server Inventory, Configuration Management, Automation and Software Rollout/Deployment/Distribution

MensaGuthaben-iOS 13 Updated 2 months ago

Read the balance of your mensa/canteen card

MASTERPLAN 11 Updated 7 months ago

Web Based Workforce Management

Companion-Linux 27 Updated 10 months ago

Unofficial Atlassian Confluence Companion App for Linux

BUZZ1000 3 Updated 1 year ago

Arduino Controlled Buzzer System for Events

WebPW 3 Updated 2 years ago

Web based password safe with multi-language, multi-user and file upload support.


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