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Statement is a Mastodon instance for anyone in data, visualization, creative coding, and related arts and research. The goal is to have something like Twitter was for data and visual folks — 10 years ago, when it was friendly, collaborative, engaging, and valuable.

If you find value in, I hope you'll contribute a small amount.

I launched on January 22, 2018, and within 24 hours we had nearly 200 users. While I'm thrilled by this initial success, if interest continues to grow, so will our capacity needs and hosting costs. In that case, I'll adjust funding goals here accordingly.

Update: We continued to grow! One month later, on February 21, we have 630 accounts! Hosting fees have increased as a result and have been updated below.

How Your Donation Will Be Used

Donations go to cover hosting costs, first. Any extra will be redirected to the Mastodon project and Liberapay, to thank them and support their work (which, in turn, enables ours).

Monies will be redirected to the following:

  1. Hosting expenses (ideally ~25% of donations)
    • Instance hosting costs (currently €20 or ~USD26 per month)
    • Domain name registration (~€28 or USD35 per year)
  2. Mastodon (ideally ~50% of donations)
  3. Liberapay (ideally ~25% of donations)
  4. Email and other related hosting services, as needed

Thank you for your consideration and support! See you on 🙂

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