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selea receives €2.20 per week from 5 patrons. Goal: €10.00


Q: What is the purpose of Linux.Pizza?

A: I started this project with an entirely different idea in mind, but I soon realized how impossible the idea was for me so I started just setting up different services free for people to use instead.

Q: Why Linux.Pizza?

A: Well, you can compile your pizza how much you want and still be able to call it a pizza. The same applies to Linux.

Q: Why do you do this?

A: I couldn't first really find anything that was similar to it (I later found with a similar approach) and the current tools out there did not offer the user that control they deserve or was hosted on different plattforms or providers. I wanted to make it easier for users to find useful tools that they can use and that respects the users privacy and freedom.

Q: Do you gather any data about your users?

A: I am not interested in any data, I just felt the need myself for those tools and other people might aswell use them too free of charge.

Q: Are you going to add more tools/services in the future?

A: Yes! Please let me know if you find anything useful!

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Feel free to hook me up on Mastodon or email. Or if you want to send a more urgent and important message: 0x8B35B3C894B964DD.

Q: Who pays for all this?

A: I do, because I want give something back to the community and not just leech from it.

Q: Can I donate to the project?

A: Sure! Every penny will go back into the project and cover the cost of servers and domain names (such as and The goal will increase when more services are added, donating is completely voluntary!

Q: What does the donated money covers?

A: Everything goes to the projects, covering costs for the domains: - $35 / year

And infrastructure:

Temporary email server - $3 / month

FreeDNS service - $11 / month

Mastodon instance - $20 / month

Physical servers - $15 / month to cover electricy

Email infrastructure (disposable mail, mailing lists) - $40 / month

Mirror - NA (currently sponsored by Operationtulip

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