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My name is Senya. I'm a software developer. I was born and grow in Moscow, Russia. My current residence is Kyiv, Ukraine.

I'm a big free software (as in freedom) advocate, supporter and user since my early years.

On of the projects in my focus is ​diaspora* social network. I started contributing to diaspora* in late 2015. Diaspora* feels like something in demand. It is a federated social network, and federation is a way of decentralisation of data storage, processing and transferring. Federated social networks don't have a single point of control and can't be censored or shut down that easily as centralised ones. Also federation allows software diversity within a single ecosystem. All of this means that federated social network are important for technological and social development. That's why I chose diaspora* as something I want to work as a developer.

I believe that free software may persist independent only when community is in control. Some free software projects managed to get some financial support, but there are some projects, which have big importance for liberation of software in particular and of humanity in general, which fail to find a proper monetisation model, that can still preserve their original spirit. One of the possible models is the crowd funding of the free software developers by the users of the software.

The diaspora* project has active user base, but project doesn't have too much developer resources to grow as fast as it is desirable by the users. Development of new features could help to attract more users and make the project more attractive. So I want to start with myself there and propose to support my contributions to diaspora* so that I could dedicate more time to the diaspora* development. Currently I do some freelance work for living. The more I get as donations for diaspora* development, the less time I need to devote to other freelance stuff.

By contributing there, you can help me to achieve my current goals and projects. The main one is the completion of the diaspora* account migration project, which I work on for the last months. Also I'm ready to work on a variety of other tasks for the free software community. Here, you can support my struggle. Let's see, maybe we can do something awesome in the end :)

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