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Hello, there! I'm Sergey Bronnikov.

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My work is and always will be free to consume, share and remix (CC-BY-SA 4.0, GPL v3 or Public Domain). However, you can sponsor me to keep more work on raising Free Software awareness coming strong! Patrons' requests and wishes rank higher in my priorities of content-creation as well.

Happy Hacking!

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awesome-ttygames 617 Updated 2 weeks ago

Unix ASCII games

elle-cli 19 Updated 3 weeks ago

command-line frontend to transactional consistency checkers for black-box databases

molly 9 Updated 2 months ago

Framework for distributed system's verification, with fault injection.

awesome-ci 3068 Updated 3 months ago

List of Continuous Integration services

unreliablefs 151 Updated 8 months ago

A FUSE-based fault injection filesystem.


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