Shelltalk is an IRC network and a service provider. Dedicated to the free and open source community.

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Welcome to ShellTalk!

ShellTalk.Net is part of the IRCNow network, our team at IRCNow wants to make IRC better today without changing the IRC protocol.

Our Mission? We want to build a thriving free network with quality software. In support of IRCNow's goal as an experiment to create a truly free and open network.

How? You may request any of our services at channel #ShellTalk once you are connected to our servers. Our Server Address is located at irc.shelltalk.net port 6697 in your favorite client!

Come and say hi to our friendly staff members as we are ready to assist. Just name the service which you’re interested in, and a staff member or a volunteer will assist you shortly.

Our services are well maintained and IRCNow is a federation that unites together self-governing servers to provide a common network for the free and open-source software community.

We welcome your feedback. It will be used to innovate and improve our services, develop new features, improve documentation, and make them easier to use and also more useful by making IRC great again!

Our Services :

BNC : ZNC An advanced IRC bouncer

Web hosting : Have your own home on the Web - updating and fixes in the works

Mail Accounts : Dovecot+Opensmptd

Shell Accounts : Explore and experiment with the system, run programs, learn Unix and have fun doing it!

contact: <support@shelltalk.net>


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