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Hey, I’m Shreyas.

Your donations will allow me to dedicate more time to these hobbies <3

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seven-rule-msg 8 Updated 2 months ago

✅ Minimal, opinionated commit message validator

regex-for-regular-folk 260 Updated 3 months ago

🔍💪 Regular Expressions for Regular Folk — A visual, example-based introduction to RegEx [BETA]

decode-binary-bot 2 Updated 4 months ago

🤖 Reddit bot to decode binary

wiki 2 Updated 9 months ago

Moved to sourcehut

LibreWolf 7 Updated 3 years ago

Community-maintained fork of Librefox: a privacy and security-focused browser

JSVerbalExpressions (fork) 1 Updated 2 years ago

JavaScript Regular expressions made easy



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