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I do domestic missions work. Donations would free me from having to deal with a "day job" to instead spend more time on that. I could expand the missions role and be able to actually use recent training in emergency management/disaster response to be able to coordinate church response to crises. We live in interesting times and with a small congregation it is hard enough for us to support a regular preacher and he has to have a regular weekday job himself just to support his family.

Another part of the domestic missions work is that I undertake quite a bit of printing and production work. I essentially act as the desktop publishing in-plant for the church. I make heavy use of LaTeX2e to get things accomplished in producing print material for the church. I want to bring more of our production in-house as our cross-section of Christianity is often known as the “priesthood of readers”.

Previously I wrote documentation for Xubuntu. I would like to return to doing that. Lubuntu apparently needs documentation help too.

I have reviewed the necessary publications from the Internal Revenue Service and have consulted appropriate people. Steps have been taken to properly account for funding and otherwise comply with the income tax laws of the United States of America. Despite EU-centric views expressed about the nature of funds on this site, any money provided would not count as a “gift” under the tax laws of the United States of America but rather general gross revenue. This would result in reporting on a Schedule C attached to my annual tax return under the NAICS industry code of 711510 which translates to “Independent artists, writers, and performers”. It won’t be the first time filing such a Schedule C.

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