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inxi is a system administration tool that is available in almost all distros, and which ships pre-installed in many.

codeberg inxi

acxi is an advanced audio processing tool that is more specialized.

codeberg acxi

Note that if you are considering a small weekly/monthly donation, it's probably better to make a similar monthly/ quarterly / yearly donation instead. The fees are quite high on small transfers and can eat up 25% of the donation (assuming $1 per week for example). The same $1 a week paid quarterly (or in blocks of 13) has less than a 5% fee.

Doing free software is an essentially thankless task, despite the thanks that come our way and which are always appreciated, but the fact is, it costs money to get some of the hardware needed, and programming time is all volunteer, which means year after year, I'm basically working for free to help support the Linux and BSD (to lesser extent) ecosystems.

You'd be surprised how motivating even small donations are, since that's a concrete indication of appreciation and of the utility of the software. But all other types of help, particularly testing and debugging and development, are just as appreciated, so there is more than one way to really help, particularly with inxi, which takes a lot of time, and a lot of testing, on a lot of systems.

The smxi sgfxi projects (Debian support mainly) are still maintained, but are not very active anymore beyond getting basic updates.

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