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Hi, my name is Lukas and I'm a developer from Germany.

I'm programming a lot of things in a lot of different programming languages. Almost all of these are completely free, open-source, and use permissive licensing.

I'm also writing a blog over here.

If my projects help you to grow your business, make that one nasty customer happy, save you some time, or if you just downright love my stuff, I'd appreciate a little donation.

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What I use the money for

  • Domain Names (~85€/yr)
  • Server Bills (~40€/mo)
  • Backup Storage (~10€/mo)
  • CDN (avg ~5-7€/mo | billed-by-usage)

"Extraneous" money goes to my "9-to-5 open-source" fund.


I will drown you in love and thankfulness because, wew, somebody out there thinks my stuff is worth money. You must be an awesome person.

If we ever meet in real life we should really have a drink or two. I'll pay.

I would also like to offer you some more personal rewards here, but the payment-methods that I've chosen are mostly very anonymous.

Maybe I can figure something out in the future.

Closing Words


I always prefer LiberaPay.

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equinox    4   Updated 4 months ago

✨ Next Level Discord-Bot Engine [DF-2]

awesome-discord-emojis    11   Updated 4 months ago

A curated list of awesome emojis for discord

discord_bot    30   Updated 4 months ago

⚡️ Multipurpose Discord Bot written in Golang

groupwatch    8   Updated 4 months ago but cooler

gulp-autoload    1   Updated 5 months ago

A 5000 lines long Gulpfile.js is so 2015 👀


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