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Snipette is an online magazine, publishing articles on topics such as science, history, and environment. We try to explain our sometimes complicated subjects in layman's terms and in a (hopefully) fun and interesting way.

We also have a Writers' Programme, where we guide new or un-confident writers through the process of creating a piece, tailoring our advice to their needs and writing style. While they are our primary focus, established writers sometimes use this to get the hang of the #SnipetteStyle as well.

At Snipette, we try to be more participative in the process than most editors, by actually participating (where needed, of course) in the early ideating and outlining stages and thinking up new ways to take the article to the next level. Our priority is not to "let the author do all the creative work": it's to pitch in as best we can to make the perfect article.

Your donations

With your donations, we hope to:

  • pay for our domain and website
  • cover any other running costs we may have (internet, power, etc.)
  • fund new people who want to join our team
  • give the rest to our authors

Though last on the list, what we want most is to fund our authors—without whom, after all, Snipette would be nothing but an empty page.


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