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I'm a freelance user interface and icon designer.

Some of you may best know my open source Paper & Moka projects, but I am also a regular contributor to Free Software projects such as elementary, GNOME and Solus. My latest endeavour is working on the new icon set for the Ubuntu desktop, called Suru.

By supporting me on Liberapay, I can dedicate more of my time to working on and contributing to free software but feel a little more secure financially about doing so.

Thanks for your support. :)

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fedora-post-install 78 Updated 1 week ago

A set of post-installation shell scripts for Fedora

computefreely 34 Updated 2 weeks ago

The source of Compute Freely website

paper-icon-theme 1187 Updated 3 months ago

Paper Icon Theme

suru-icon-theme 378 Updated 3 months ago

The source of the Suru icon and cursor set

moka-icon-theme 400 Updated 4 months ago

Moka Icon Theme

ubuntu-post-install 463 Updated 5 months ago

A set of post-installation shell scripts for Ubuntu

faba-icon-theme 53 Updated 5 months ago

Faba is a sexy and modern icon theme with Tango influences.


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