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tmux-current-pane-hostname 31 Updated 4 months ago

Tmux plugin that enables displaying hostname and user of the current pane in your status bar.

choo-redux 3 Updated 5 months ago

Choo redux bridge

pidusage 264 Updated 5 months ago

Cross-platform process cpu % and memory usage of a PID

dpicker 186 Updated 5 months ago

A framework-agnostic minimal date picker

relieve 44 Updated 8 months ago

Ease the implementation of multi processing accross your microservices

rxrest 31 Updated 9 months ago

Reactive rest library

explorer 154 Updated 1 year ago

Explore and share. Highly-configurable directory listing made with nodejs.

IPCEE 13 Updated 1 year ago

IPC combined with EventEmitter

promise-spawner 12 Updated 2 years ago

Lazy nodejs spawner with stdout/stderr streams and error handling through promises

fclone 39 Updated 2 years ago

Clone objects by dropping circular references

TCPEE 1 Updated 2 years ago

TCP version of IPCEE

jhaml 10 Updated 3 years ago

Stream based javascript implementation of Haml templating engine

core (fork) 1 Updated this week

The Hypermedia REST API component of API Platform: JSON-LD and Hydra support, works with Symfony too

pm2 (fork) 1 Updated 4 months ago

Modern CLI process manager for Node apps with a builtin load-balancer



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