Building Libreddit, an alternative private frontend for Reddit

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Hi! I'm Spike and am developing Libreddit, an alternative private frontend for Reddit. Liberapay is an open source donations tool that you can use to support me if you're interested in doing so.

If you'd like to donate using Bitcoin or Monero, I accept via these addresses:

BTC: bc1qwyxjnafpu3gypcpgs025cw9wa7ryudtecmwa6y

XMR: 45FJrEuFPtG2o7QZz2Nps77TbHD4sPqxViwbdyV9A6ktfHiWs47UngG5zXPcLoDXAc8taeuBgeNjfeprwgeXYXhN3C9tVSR

Thank you! :)

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