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Hello everybody. You probably know me from my twitter (@stavvers) or my blog. Or indeed, both of those things. Anyway, you likely clicked here because you enjoy my work and want to support it and you don't have any interest in passing your money through Patreon.

Writing and opining is a form of affective labour, which up until now I've been doing for free. I'll probably continue doing it for free, because, bluntly put, I've burned a lot of bridges. The paid outlets aren't interested in me because I criticised them and their business model of throwing marginalised women under the bus, or criticising their petulant problematic faves. I've also pissed off a lot of other outlets by having the gall to ask for money (a bit of me is wondering if it would be worthwhile spilling the beans to people who give me money on here). So, it looks like I'm independent, and it's going to stay that way.

While that's all very well and good for my own principles, it doesn't exactly pay the bills. I work part time at a day job, and that just about leaves me breaking even each month if I don't do things like go out and see other people (and then be inspired to write things complaining about them), go out and see films (and then be inspired to write things complaining about them), attend events and plays, read books (and then be inspired to write things complaining about them). It would also probably help my health no end: I am epileptic, and more than three days a week in an office has caused an uptick in my seizures. I'm hoping that by switching my working habits to something more at-home based will reverse this trend.

This is why I'm asking you to consider sponsoring me a little bit of money each month. So, if you can bung me a fiver each month, I'd be eternally grateful, because you'd be giving me the means to live rather than just surviving <3

My patrons at Patreon get access to my forays into fiction writing and special recipes, and if you like, let me know, and I'll email them to you. Liberapay doesn't tell me who you are, so drop me an email with your deets: https://stavvers.wordpress.com/contact/

Note: Liberapay allows you to pay weekly. So if, say, you were giving one euro a month, you can change your pledge to 25 cents!

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