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Hi, I'm Stephen. Professionally, I'm a web developer. In my own time, or during periods of slow employment, I create a blog about web development at

For this blog, I use a static site generator. That makes maintenance costs for this project are extremely low. The single largest cost is leasing the domain name. Due to this being a personal project, I'm not looking for help with that cost (though I wouldn't refuse it either).

My goal for donations would be to hire an editor for some of my writing. Often, typos will slip through the cracks. I'd like to find and hire an editor who understands somewhat about issues of web development to help me. This will improve the quality of writing on the site. That's about $50 a month or $600 annually.

About me: I am a contributor to open-source. I run the ActivityPub instance, using the Mastodon software. As of writing this we're about 33 strong. I've also written about Mastodon. I have plans to put those blogs up I would take any support I receive through Liberapay to put back into time doing open-source work and blogging about tech. Thank you.

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