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I am Andrius Štikonas. In my spare time I contribute to KDE community. I am mainly working on KDE Partition Manager. Over the last few years KDE Partition Manager gained a lot of new features:

  • Recognizes more file systems.
  • Supports LUKS encrypted file systems.
  • Supports LVM volume management.
  • Improved support for dealing with mount points.

Soon KDE Partition Manager will not require GUI to be run as administrator user which will make it more secure and easier to use on Wayland. I am also trying to make KDE Partition Manager more portable, it is not much closer to being able to run on FreeBSD but more work is needed.

Parts of KDE Partition Manager are also used by partitioning module of Calamares installer.

Besides KDE Partition Manager, I also work on other KDE Applications. I served as release manager of KTorrent 5.1, worked on porting many KDE Applications to Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5.

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