I would like to support my family with my work in open source accessibility for blind users.

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I work with the Linux operating system. My projects include several MUD packs for tintin++ to enhance game accessibility. I have also helped to create the Fenrir screen reader, as well as several of the projects listed on the linux-a11y website.

I help develop the F123Light operating system which strives to bring low cost multilingual computers to everyone around the world. A lot of the work on the project benefits all other distros, making them easier to use and more accessible to blind people.

To see my projects, check my Gitlab page. To stay up to date with my projects, you can follow me on GNU Social.

Thanks for any donations. It helps me support my family while continuing to do the work I love and help other users of open source software. I really love helping people. It's a great feeling when someone is able to enjoy the world around them because of something I did or helped to make a reality.

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