AJ Jordan

Privacy, security and technology freedom activist/technologist

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I work on freedom-respecting software, with a focus on privacy and security - sometimes to advance the global software commons, sometimes to solve my own problems, and sometimes both (but no matter what, my work is always shared for everyone to use). Notably I maintain the pump.io social network, I contribute to the Qubes security operating system, and I am authoring a static site generator, StraticJS. I also contribute monetarily towards some projects, the biggest example being the Tor relay I run.

I love this stuff and am happy to do it no matter what. However, tipping me does make me feel super good and help offset monetary costs!

(Please note that you're contributing to me, and not projects I'm involved in like e.g. pump.io, so the money may or may not end up there.)

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offandonagain.org 3 Updated 1 month ago

Returns random "have you tried turning it off and on again?" GIFs

node-send-webmention 5 Updated 3 months ago

Send a Webmention

fulldom-server 36 Updated 5 months ago

Proxy-like server that will show you the DOM of a page after JS runs

lazymention 38 Updated 5 months ago

Support WebSub and Webmention on a static site

nodecompat.com 2 Updated 5 months ago

Node.js distribution package compatibility tables

node-smart-spawn 0 Updated 2 years ago

Spawn an async process and get back stdout, handling errors

filter-other-days 3 Updated 3 years ago

Shell script to filter logfiles for today's date in an Artificial Ignorance-compatible way

gplenforced.org 2 Updated 4 years ago

GitHub README badge to support GPL enforcement

presentation-https-deployment 0 Updated 4 years ago

Recurse Center presentation on HTTPS and how to correctly/securely deploy it

cryptoparty-seattle 0 Updated 5 years ago

Slideshow for CryptoParty Seattle

presentation-security-design 0 Updated 5 years ago

RC presentation on how to design programs securely

presentation-foss-intro 0 Updated 5 years ago

Recurse Center presentation on the basics of contributing to free software/open source

presentation-webapp-security 1 Updated 6 years ago

Recurse Center presentation on how to secure web applications

presentation-webapp-performance 0 Updated 6 years ago

Recurse Center presentation on making webapps fast

presentation-operational-security 0 Updated 6 years ago

Recurse Center presentation on how to run a secure production environment

presentation-cryptography-basics 0 Updated 6 years ago

Recurse Center presentation on the basics of secure cryptographic protocol design

perjury (fork) 0 Updated 5 years ago

False vows

jf2 (fork) 0 Updated 5 years ago

JF2 Editors Draft

activitypub (fork) 0 Updated 5 years ago


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