Subin Siby

I'm a software developer. I make & work on Free & Open Source Softwares

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I've been working on free and open source softwares since I was 13. I'm a college student now and using my free time to maintain my projects as well as make new stuff !

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You can see my projects on GitHub and GitLab.


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lab 0 Updated 1 week ago

Subin's Lab -

logSys 68 Updated 1 month ago

PHP Secure, Advanced Login System

OpenSalve 5 Updated 2 months ago

A project to help disaster-relief efforts. Moved to GitLab :

manglish 10 Updated 3 months ago

A malayalam to manglish converter Android app

SelfieADay 6 Updated 6 months ago

Tools for managing selfie a day hobby project

Francium-DiffSocket 2 Updated 1 year ago

A PHP Library for serving Multiple WebSocket Services in a single server

InstaLV 18 Updated 1 year ago

Live stream from desktop to Instagram

TorrentBro 5 Updated 2 years ago

A cross-platform Torrent Browser

CryptoDonate 7 Updated 2 years ago

Donation button for cryptocurrencies

Francium-voice 34 Updated 2 years ago

Record user voice and encode it as MP3 or WAV

open 33 Updated 3 years ago

An Open Source Social Network

search 111 Updated 3 years ago

An Open Source Search Engine

profile-picture-framer 5 Updated 3 years ago

A profile picture framer web app

smention 10 Updated 6 years ago

Add @mentions to your input box with this jQuery plugin.

phpwebcrawler 33 Updated 6 years ago

A Web Crawler Created in PHP



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