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I'm a software developer. I make & work on Free & Open Source Softwares

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I've been working on free and open source software since I was 13. I'm a college student now and using my free time to maintain my projects as well as make new stuff ! I also contribute to many FOSS projects: WebTorrent, Indic Keyboard, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap etc. See my GitHub & GitLab for more.

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WebDrop 118 Updated 2 weeks ago

Easiest group P2P File & Message transfer in browser with WebRTC 🔥. Cross-platform alternative to Apple's AirDrop, Xender, ShareIT with the same speed over LAN. No installation, just a website :)

vett 49 Updated 2 weeks ago

P2P Dots & Boxes game with WebRTC & WebTorrent

p2pt 160 Updated 1 month ago

Simple WebRTC Peer 2 Peer connections using WebTorrent trackers as the signalling server. Use WebTorrent trackers for any kind of WebRTC app ! 🔥 Make WebRTC apps fast & easy ! 🚀⭐

manglish 13 Updated 1 month ago

A malayalam to manglish converter Android app

search 139 Updated 6 months ago

An Open Source Search Engine

logSys 72 Updated 1 year ago

PHP Secure, Advanced Login System

open 35 Updated 1 year ago

An Open Source Social Network

SelfieADay 9 Updated 1 year ago

Tools for managing selfie a day hobby project

CryptoDonate 8 Updated 3 years ago

Donation button for cryptocurrencies

profile-picture-framer 9 Updated 4 years ago

A profile picture framer web app http://subinsb.com/create-profile-picture-framer-web-app



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