Free software and Linux video game developer.

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I am continuously amazed by how Free Software empowers me to be productive and creative in a myriad ways. I think it's only fair to support the people behind the programs that I use - be it through code contributions, or donations.

I develop Linux video games in my spare time. And some other programs that I personally find useful.

I also maintain a few packages in the Fedora Linux distribution, where I try to address any issues which may affect the users, and co-operate with the original developers to fix any bugs.

If you find my work useful, you can chip in a couple cents to say thanks. Very much appreciated!

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vrms-rpm 13 Updated 5 months ago

Reports non-free software installed on an RPM-based GNU/Linux system.

copydeps 8 Updated 8 months ago

Find and copy all the .so / .dll files required by an executable

repobuilder 0 Updated 1 year ago

Build multiple RPM packages and yum repos simultaneously

LD25 5 Updated 2 years ago

Colorful - Ludum Dare 25 (Dec 2012) entry.


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