Den Ivanov

I want to become a high quality content creator

sxiii's goal is to receive $100.00 per week.


I make videos on different topics, including but not limiting to: crypto, development, hardware, software, free culture, management, linux, android, docker, and more.

I would like to make my own small studio with great image and audio quality. I already have good cameras and mics, what I need now is: * table * lights * "leg" holder for the mic * a good chair

You can watch my videos on platforms like LBRY, dlive, dtube, bitchute, flote and some others.

You can read my articles on steemit, whaleshares, golos, serey, weku, scorum, flote, sapien, also sometimes in facebook, instagram & twitter.

Normally I post in English and Russian languages.

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The Open Bank of Ideas — share & develop your idea

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IPv4 Word Dictionary Naming scheme similar to what3words (what4words) -> CONCEPT DEMO

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This script helps to generate unique badges for visitors of your event fast & convinient (200 badges took a minute)


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