Tristan Brice Velloza Kildaire

I love tinkering around with all the bits of software that my computer runs

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I’m Tristan B. Kildaire (or deavmi on the Internet) and I’m a computer programmer. I love tinkering around with all the bits of software that my computer runs but typically more on the low-level sides of things. I’m really interested in how operating systems work as a whole and their components such as kernels, networking stacks, linking-loaders, IPC, paging, virtual memory, file-systems and the list goes on. There’s so much to learn from understanding these complex systems and each aspect of them never leaves me bored!

You could call me a language enthusiast, from the design to the implementation. I always want to know how things work and I’ve even spent time reading the source code for some language runtimes to get a better understanding. If I am feeling creative then I try write my own or write something in Forth! I love building networks too - I have an interest in setting up inter-networks with routing protocols, assigning numbers and setting up tunnels in order to build a huge network that I can play around on. When I’m not using other peoples' protocols I am busy writing my own to see what I can cobble out to itch my scratch on trying interesting concepts out.

I like a good glass of red wine and cheese. I have an avid enjoyment for music from the 70s and the 80s and have rather interesting political views (nothing to be alarmed of) but most importantly I like to help others learn and put a smile on their face.

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niknaks Stars 2 Updated 3 weeks ago

Helpful niknaks or "things" that you may grasp for now and then

birchwood Stars 7 Updated 2 months ago

A sane IRC framework for the D language

gitea-irc-bot Stars 0 Updated 2 months ago

Gitea webhook-based IRC bot

dlog Stars 1 Updated 3 months ago

Simple and modular logging library

gogga Stars 2 Updated 3 months ago

Plug-and-play colorful VT100 logging for your terminal

libtun Stars 3 Updated 6 months ago

TUN/TAP adapter for D-based applications

tristanable Stars 3 Updated 8 months ago

Tag-based asynchronous messaging framework

guillotine Stars 1 Updated 8 months ago

Executor framework with future-based task submission and pluggable thread execution engines

doap Stars 1 Updated 9 months ago

CoAP library for D

libsnooze Stars 3 Updated 1 year ago

A wait/notify mechanism for D

river Stars 0 Updated 1 year ago

Streams interface for D

eventy Stars 1 Updated 1 year ago

Easy-to-use event-loop dispatcher framework for D-based applications


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