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I'm a writer, musician, and developer who enjoys software that doesn't hate the humans interacting with it.

Right now I'm building a suite of user friendly, privacy-preserving products that each do one thing really well, starting with a product called I started on it in early 2015, and it's now host to almost 50,000 articles and several thousand blogs in over 40 different languages. It's cross-platform (Android, iOS, Chrome OS, web, Chrome browser, and Windows/MacOS/Linux via command-line), and constantly growing and improving.

The idea for came out of a strong personal desire to see a simple product like it exist, combined with my regular need to write and growing concerns about digital surveillance. The terrible software I've seen over the years heavily influenced the design decisions I made and the principles behind the product.


I want to be able to thoughtfully observe our digital world and come up with fixes for its bugs, to release to the world for free. I want to take small ideas that haven't been tried or taken to their full conclusion, and take them there (like a nicely-designed pastebin service -- what is, at its core).

I've started doing this with the products I'm building, but I also want to create small projects that solve little problems and big pains. I most recently did this with a browser extension that made Medium less of a pain to read. Here's its source code. These are the kinds of problems I like solving -- ones we have the power to rectify without asking permission.

Everything I receive here will help me make this a reality. It will directly fund my hosting and programming-related costs. But above all, it'll show me that people enjoy my work, and encourage me to focus on it more.


I write about many of the problems I see, especially in the web, privacy, and usability space, on my personal blog. And because these problems are so interconnected with the product, I also discuss them a lot on the @write_as Mastodon handle, and our @writeas__ Twitter account.

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